Manarola, Italy Travel Guide

Manarola is one of the most iconic places in Cinque Terre, Italy welcome to Manarola. It is the second smallest of the Cinque Terre towns and is awash with priceless medieval relics. Here are the top things to do in this breathtaking village.

Begin by Taking a Walk

One of the best things you can do in Cinque Terre is hiking. This is because the hiking trails here are among Italy’s most beautiful. If you are an outdoor lover or someone that loves to take a walk in between your bowls of pasta, this is a great way to discover what Manarola and Cinque Terre offers.

Explore the Village

In this village, you will find unique cafes and shops while also enjoying some of the best wine you have ever had. Sit back and relax while you gaze at the boats cruising along the Ligurian sea.

Chomp on the Delicious Food

From gelato to seafood, indulge in some of the best food this country offers in Manarola. Although it is just a small town, its food really speaks volumes. You have to taste it for yourself while enjoying the Ligurian Sea stunning views.

Romantic Walk

With Manarola’s stunning Cliffside and breathtaking views, if you are looking for something romantic to do a simple walk on the boardwalk is a must. Try doing this at sunset for even more romantic views.

 Admire Unique Architecture

The unique architecture of Manarola paints a picture of this village’s history. It is one of the oldest towns in the Cinque Terre. San Lorenzo is one of the churches here and it dates to as far back as the 12th century. The views across the rooftops overlooking the vineyard-covered hills and the sea are spectacular. It is also widely known for the pastel-colored houses that add to the vibrant charm.


This town is famous for its sweet wine and has more grapevines than any other region in Cinque Terre. Many visitors love the easy trails here that give a scenic view of the sea and of the rest of Manarola to get to their wine tastings.

Views from the Rocks

Sharp rocks separate the walkway from the water here. You can escape the crowd by going out of the main way and stepping on the rocks. The walkway is very steep and the rocks are sharp, so be careful. From the top of the rocks, you will get a different view of Manarola.


Top 3 Facts About Zagreb

You probably already know a lot of stuff about Croatia, don’t you? However, if you don’t, then you came to the right place, because here, you are going to find some of the most important information regarding this beautiful country. If you are planning on visiting this beautiful country called Croatia in the near future, then you better stick to your plan. The reason why I said this is because Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and if – for any reason – you don’t trust me, then you can search it up on the Internet and see for yourself. And now, let’s talk about one of the most interesting, as well as one of the most beautiful countries in Croatia – Zagreb!

One simply can’t talk about the most popular places in Croatia without mentioning this beautiful city called Zagreb at least once. When it comes to Croatia, it is pretty much safe to say that Zagreb is the main center of many different events such as concerts and festivals, as well as many different community events. If it already isn’t, Zagreb should definitely be somewhere at the top of your places-to-visit list. In Zagreb, there is something for everybody, and that’s one of the main reasons why you should check this beautiful city out. The following are some of the most important things that you need to know about Zagreb!

Medieval Period Statues
While Berlin has a bear, Zagreb has lots of dragons. Of course, what I’m talking about here are not the real dragons, but the statues of dragons, as well as statues of many other medieval reptiles and things like that. With that being said, if you enjoy learning about medieval stuff, you are going to love this city.

A Friendly Place
Although Croatia already has a lot of German tourists, it doesn’t mean that there is no room for more. Zagreb is the kind of place that is always open to visitors. It is the city that welcomes outsiders.

Safe Public Transportation System
Zagreb’s public transportation system is probably one of the safest public transportation systems in the world. What I’m talking about here is Zagreb’s car funicular. It is probably the shortest car funicular system in the entire world, but it is probably the least expensive one as well!


What You Need To Know About Adventure Travel

Have you ever sat down and thought about adding some adventure travel to your life? Before they opened the doors of their company, the owners of CDM Waste Management ( took the opportunity to travel extensively and explore the world. First of all, let’s talk about what adventure travel really is. Its name pretty much speaks for itself, but we are going to say a couple of words about it anyway. Adventure travel is the type of travel that is filled with all sorts of adventures. Simply put, adventure travel is the type of travel that involves all sorts of activities and experiences. It all depends on the limits that you want to be pushing – whether they are mental, physical, or both.

As human beings, we are all different, right? Because of that, not everyone’s comfort zone has the same boundaries, and adventure travel can be used as a tool for stretching those limits. No matter what defines the word ”adventure” for you, there are some things that you need to know before stepping into this deep water known as adventure travel. And now, here are some of those things!

It’s Okay To Reset Your Boundaries
One of the biggest parts of having a satisfying adventure travel experience is making sure that you are ready for it. This probably sounds pretty easy to you, doesn’t it? Whatever your answer to this question may be, one thing is certain – it all comes down to what you are ready for physically, as well as what you are ready for mentally. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between something that is out of your comfort zone and something that doesn’t feel right.

Safety Should Always Be Your Top Priority
When it comes to adventure travel, putting safety on top of your priorities list is very important. With that said, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If no one else wants to wear a safety helmet, you should ask for one anyway. Asking questions is completely okay if it is going to increase your confidence.

Have Fun
Pushing boundaries can be very stressful sometimes. However, don’t let this fact stop you from having a good time. That being said, instead of just focusing on completing a certain task, you should try to enjoy the whole trip as well.


Top 3 Things That You Need To Know About Road Tripping

When it comes to traveling, one of the best ways to do is is to hit the open roads. Whether you have your own car or you have rented one, there is something truly satisfying about getting out on an open road. Road trips allow you to see and experience almost every single thing you stumble upon, which is not really the case when you are flying. Also, unlike train or bus travel, road trips let you have some freedom about what want to see and where you want to go. That being said, road tripping is definitely one of the best ways to travel the world.

Keep in mind that planning your route is very important, and the reason why it is so important is because it can help you save a significant amount of money or time, or – in some cases – both. Make sure to do some research before you decide to leave your home. This will help you pick a route that will meet your needs and requirements. With that said, here are some things that you need to know about road tripping!

What To Pack
Before you decide to hit the road, you need to ensure that everything you need is inside your car. While it is important to bring everything you need with you, it is also very important to keep the weight of your car as low as possible. This is very important because too much weight can have a negative impact on the amount of gas that your car is guzzling. Some of the most important things to pack include your insurance card, first aid kit, flashlight and blanket, as well as your contact information.

Make sure to factor sleep into your road trips. We all need to regain our energy every now and then, especially when traveling. That being said, make sure to get enough sleep before jumping into your car.

Strategic Stops
If you think that you have to stop, make sure to do it. Enjoy the trip as much as you can and stop at the places that you think are fascinating. Also, make a quick stop every now and then to stretch your legs.


Apo Island – A Hidden Gem

Sometimes big treasures are wrapped in small packages. It holds true with this little island in the central part of the Philippines called Apo. Known to be a paradise for divers and sea enthusiasts, this volcanic island is fast becoming a tourist attraction.

If you’re traveling from Manila, you book an hour flight to Dumaguete City and upon arrival take a tricycle going to the bus terminal for a 20-minute bus ride going to Malatapay Port in the town of Zamboanguita. From there, another 45-minutes by boat going to Apo Island. It is an open sea so expect that waves are not very friendly at times, but if you’re lucky enough, sometimes it can be very calm that you might even spot a pod of dancing dolphins. Rocky cliffs stand proud as the island’s façade; the beach is pebbly and may appear unappealing and it comes as a great contrast to what the isle offers under their turquoise waters.

There are only 2 resorts in the island and a few homestays scattered in between. If you plan to stay overnight, you have to prepare to give up the comforts of the city life. They only use generator for electricity from 6 AM until 10 PM only, so expect to have no aircon, TV or WiFi. You won’t really need it anyway, because the sea will totally consume your whole day.

Apo Island is home to giant sea turtles and once you swim from the beach it’s just so easy to spot them in the clear blue waters. They float freely without having to fear for their dear lives, because this little island and its people have worked together to protect the turtles and all their marine resources. They not only protect the marine life here but they also raise awareness for every tourist that visits the island.

Aside from the giant turtles, you’ll be amazed with the healthy marine biodiversity. Snorkeling around their beach coast will introduce you to the teeming life underwater; you’ll see huge corals of different forms that houses hundreds of different and colorful fishes. Yet the most popular attraction is the growing number of clown fish colonies here, you can easily spot them from afar because of their vibrant orange color. You can never track time when you’re in the water because there’s just so much to do.

No matter how badly you want to stay underwater though, darkness would still sink in and thus give you another opportunity to try out another unique activity and that is stargazing. Of course this is a case to case basis because you need an ultimately good weather, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, then you’re up for the biggest treat of your life by far.

Since they turn off all the lights at 10 in the evening, you’ll have an uninterrupted view of the whole sky. Grab a beach towel, feel the cool sea breeze and lay underneath the vast twinkling universe of stars. The whole experience is so majestic; occasional sightings of shooting stars and the sound of waves will just give you the satisfaction of inner calmness.

Words are not enough to describe the experience of visiting this hidden gem called Apo Island but if you need a breather from the everyday hustle bustle of city life, this island would be the perfect getaway.


Top 3 Things To Do When Traveling With Your Family

Creating a strong bond between you and your loved ones doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Actually, more often than not, people make this kind of thing seem much more complicated than it actually is. This is especially the case when it comes to traveling with your loved ones. But don’t worry though, because strengthening your family bond can actually be a pretty easy thing to pull off – you just need to know how to do it.

When it comes to traveling with your family, there are always some fun things that you can do. These things will not only help you create many unforgettable memories, but they will also help you get to know your family a little bit better, as well as let you experience the world in new ways. To help you get started, we decided to share something with you, and that something is our list of top three things to do when traveling with your family. Enjoy!


Have a Picnic

It is safe to say that heading out into the fresh air to have a picnic is some sort of a lost art. However, this lost art can help you get to know your loved ones better, and it is simply a fun thing in its own right. Although an occasional insect might be an issue for some people, the sense of serenity is still there.

Play Some Board Games

Board games are like a traditional treasure these days. Some people might even find them to be a little bit out of place in the era of smartphones and video game consoles. However, board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Scrabble are a whole another level of socializing. That being said, you should definitely try them with your loved ones.

Read Some Books Together

When it comes to personal development, reading is very important. It provides you with vocabulary improvement, stress relief, and memory improvement. But did you know that reading a book with your spouse, mother, father, or basically any other family member you have is a great way to strengthen your bond with them? Also, if you are a parent, reading a story to your kids each evening is a popular activity that can create many fun memories.


The Guide To Backpacking Australia Like a Professional

When it comes to backpacking, no matter where you plan to do it, the start of your trip can be very intimidating, especially if you are just starting out in this type of travel. Australia is a very special and unique place, which means that you can never truly know what you are in for until you experience everything that it has to offer first hand. That being said, we are here to help you explore Australia like a real professional. Whether you are traveling alone or you are a part of some sort of an organized tour, these tips will turn you into an Aussie backpacking expert in a matter of minutes. Please, enjoy!

Prepare For the Bus Ride
Before leaving your home, make sure to pack everything that you are going to be using during the trip. When it comes to bus rides, they are one of the cheapest, as well as one of the most effective ways to get around Australia, especially if you are going on a backpacking adventure. In order to make your trip as fun as possible, many Australian bus companies are willing to offer some great travel package deals. Since Australia is a pretty big place, some travel distances might be longer than you expect. With that said, make sure to bring your headphones, as well as your neck pillow with you.

Communicate With Locals
When exploring Australia, you should always be ready to communicate with locals. Most Australians are very nice people, and they would be more than willing to tell you everything about their favorite beaches, bars, and restaurants. Speaking to locals is always a good idea because they can give you the information that you will not be always able to find on your favorite travel website. If you are one of those people who enjoy finding hidden gems, one of the best ways to do so is to communicate with locals.

Plan Ahead
What makes backpacking such a unique experience? What makes it such a unique experience is the fact that you can never really know what you are going to experience or even where you are going to end up! That is why you should always make your travel plans in advance. After all, you want to be ready for anything and everything, don’t you?


How to Make Your Trip Memorable – Things to consider for Tourist

Vacations trip can give you an awesome memory for a lifetime to be happy, stories to share with your family and friends, a lot of unique and amazing experiences in your life that you can be remembered for years later. So when you are planning your trip it is important to consider some most important things that will make your vacations.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the different things that you must consider as a tourist.

Listen To Your Heart:

When you are choosing a country or city to visit, see that what is attracting you the most instead of just going on the most talked about places. Give priority to your interests and desired for a great memorable trip.

Open Your Mind:

Open your mind, change the way of your thinking and visit different cultures. This trip will provide you with an opportunity to learn more. You can also get information about the different places and cultures that is a fun thing for your and create a great memory for a lifetime that you can tell your children or their children.

Do A Complete Research:

One of the most important things that you need to prefer before starting your traveling is to do a complete research on the selected areas. By doing this you can get more opportunities to visit different places and capture each moment over there. Google is one of your best friends that give all the answers to your questions, so you can make research through Google.

Meet With Local People To Experience the Places:

Meeting with the local people of traveling country or city will help you to know more about the culture and traditions of this place. You can also find different places to visit while interacting with them.

Be Passionate and Present:

Complete presence of mind along with your body is very important for a memorable trip that you need to consider. There is no past or future exists, the life exists only now just keep this thing in your mind during your whole trip. Enjoy all the scenes of nature, get excited and live on every moment with a great passion. Remember one thing that you planned and may be paid hard for this trip so you should never let this moment go from your hands.